1.18.9 (closed 08.06.2016)

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  • New setting of a fleet unit "Allow a call to dispatching office". Options: no / communication request / direct call.
    Discussion at a forum - link
  • New setting of a fleet unit "Allow the driver to edit the cost of the order (for the taximeter calculation)". Options: forbidden /change in both sides, but not less than minimum cost / increase / reduce, but not less than minimum cost.
    Discussion at a forum - link
  • New setting of a fleet unit "Link to Driver's Application". This link will be added to SMS text, sending from Driver's card.
  • Search of an optimum route at acception of the order.
    Discussion at a forum - link
  • Driver's orders in the fleet unit report for the selected period.
  • Employees actions report.
  • Integration with Qiwi Wallet on the fleet unit lewel.
    Discussion at a forum - link
  • Increased opportunities for outsourcing work schemes. The new role of "Administrator of taxi service". Access to the management of taxi fares.
  • All fleet unit settings moved to separate interface.


  • Extension of the report on payments of drivers in a fleeet unit. Have added details of replenishment and write-off.
  • Have remade interfaces of Addresses editor and Editor of fast addresses.
  • Have added identification for the self-registered drivers to the interface of a fleet unit.
  • In Driver's card have added display of all attached vehicles.
  • Have allowed to dismiss employees with negative balance.
  • Have forbidden saving of the employee without giving at least to one role.
  • Have removed drivers' accounts from the Employees interface.
  • From the text of SMS for the pre-order have removed time up to arrival of the driver.