Bonuses system

The program provides use of bonus system which is Customer Loyalty Program.

Setup of bonus system is carried out in the section "Client Bases" of the Settings interface.

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The implementation of the bonus system in the Hive Taxi is flexible. Client can earn the fixed sum or percent from trip cost. Also, the amount of earned bonuses can vary depending on the number of trips before.

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Write-off of bonuses is possible according to two schemes.

Option 1.

Sets minimum and maximum write-off amount. The client can use any number of bonus in this range.

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For example: min $1, max $10, the client earned $ 6.50

The client can use any amount in the range from 1 to 6.50 dollars.

Option 2.

Sets the minimum number of bonuses to be debited and the multiplicity.

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For example, a client can use to pay for a trip of 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 dollars.

One client base can be linked to several taxi services.

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Image 642Transferring bonuses from other programs is carried out by Hive Taxi technical support on request.

Further work with the client bonuses is carried out on Order acceptance form.

Under a phone number the number of earned bonuses is displayed, and in the lower part of a form near the cost of a trip it is possible to select the payment by bonuses.

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If the order is paid from the bonus account, it is displayed on the panel of the order additional information.

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