Parking, distribution of orders in queue

The parking in HiveTaxi is the object limited to geographical area within which the system makes automatic distribution of orders between drivers in order of priority.

The facts about parking

The parking is created in the Editor of Geofences interface. The size of the parking is set randomly and, for example, can correspond to the size of the whole region of the city or building (shopping center, airport, railway station).
The number of parking isn't restricted.
Each parking is bound to office.

Creation of the order

During creation of the order the parking can be specified automatically or manually. If the coordinate of the pick-up address corresponds to one parking, then the parking is fixed without a possibility of editing. If, to the coordinate of pick-up address there correspond several parking, or compliances hasn't been found, then the operator has a choice. In case of compliance of several parking - the operator can choose any of found, in case of lack of compliances - the operator can choose any available parking.
After creation of the order editing the parking is forbidden even if the parking has been chosen manually.

Setting of the orders distribution system

In HiveTaxi the orders distribution system is customized for each fleet unit individually.
In the block of settings of orders distribution are in turn set:
• time for decision-making by the driver
• time of action of the autooffer in turn. Upon termination of this time the order will pass into a distribution phase on distance (on GPS)
• the list of parking which are available in a fleet unit
In the block of settings of orders distribution on distance (on GPS) are set:
• time for decision-making by the driver
• an action radius in meters
• time of action of the autooffer on GPS

Orders distribution

In HiveTaxi, the order distribution system operates in turn at the parking and on distance from the pick up address. And at first the system distributes the order on the parking and later on distance (GPS). In the course of search of the suitable driver the order is always visible only to one driver - to whom the system is currently offering the order.
At the end of work of the automatic distribution system, the order becomes visible to all drivers.
The system of orders distribution begins to work immediately in case of creation of the order in system.

For each parking queue of drivers is created. Drivers are sorted by the time of parking, taking into account a priority "Odds". The odds can move the driver by the beginning or the end of queue. The odds are set in seconds in the driver’s tariff interface.

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