Contractor Interface

The program provides the opportunity to work with contractors at special rates.

Contractors are the organizations which have signed the contracts with a taxi service to transport their employees.

Settings of working conditions with contractors are customized though the Contractors interface.

Image 564

Use "New contractor" button Image 565 to create a new contractor.

Enter the name of the contractor and press the Save button in the opened form.

Image 566

Click the "Edit" button on the right side of the form and enter the minimum balance and phone into the opened fields. If necessary, edit the contractor name.

Image 567

First, set a taxi service, which will operate with the contractor and the driver's tariff. Click the "Edit" button at driver's tariff part of the form and select required parameters in the opened fields.

Image 568

Image 569If you want to work with counterparts at a special rate used for the drivers, first create it in the interface of "tariffs".

Set Fare: press the "Edit" button to open a form and fill in it to create a fare.

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Next, you need to add information about employees of the contractor.

Image 571

To do this click the "Add Employee" button on the "Employees" tab and fill in the form.

Image 572

In case of receiving of an order from contractor's phone number, the new field "Contractor" appears in the Order form. If the call goes from the phone of the employee of the contractor company the dispatcher has a possibility to choice who pays a trip: contractor or the passenger.

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