Bookkeeping interface

By means of the Bookkeeping interface is made accounts management of the company staff, their customers and contractors.

Image 694

In the upper part of the interface setup of the displayed information is made.

First select the type of account.

Image 697

When "Staff" type selected, selection of employee and department in which the employee works are made.

Image 603

Image 604After selecting the type of employee in the "department name" displayed those units that are directly related to this type of staff. If you select a driver - will display a list of fleet units, if the dispatcher - the list of dispatching offices, if the accountant - the company's name.

When "Clients" type selected, selection of taxi service in which the clients are regictrated is made.

Image 698

When "Contractors" type selected, selection of taxi service which has contractors is made.

Image 699

Next, set the period for which information is displayed.

Image 605

You can use the periodicity panel or set the start and end dates.

Panel automatically sets the periodicity of the selected number of days before the current date.

After settings and pushung "Generate list" button on the left side of the interface displays a list of employees, clients or contractors, and on the right - the transactions of the selected employee, client or contractor.

In the transactions list all information concerning the selected account and the list of the performed transactions are displayed.

Image 606

It is possible to obtain detailed information on each type of transactions, using the Report button Image 607.

Image 608

The button with the image of a purse Image 609 is used for the account management form opens. You can perform operations with the account of the employee.

Image 610