1.18.5 (closed, 6.04.2016)

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Main changes:

  • Bonuses system now has two configurations: minimum/maximum and minimum/multiplicity.
  • Addresses editor - add/delete/edit address details.
  • In the Acception of the order interface it is possible to operate completely without mouse, only at the keyboard.
  • Interfaces Create/Edit drivers/vehicles and Create Role become more user friendly.
  • In the Dispatcher interface have divided management of employees and drivers on different child interfaces.
  • Improved functionality for outsourcing - an opportunity full isolation of dispatching office, a delay of calls in dispatching office for the served taxi service.
  • The addresses catarog search become even more simply and more clear.
  • In the personalized Driver's Application, it is possible to employ drivers without visit to office now.
  • A transport network had been optimized - the system has ceased to create a route on a dirty and unpaved roads. (it is adjusted personally for company, where paved roads are not available it can work with the destinations).
  • Open Web Widget API for the order of a taxi from a website / social network.
  • Open Mobile App API for the order of a taxi.
  • Added Fleet units report.
  • Added Drivers report by the fleet units.
  • Added Company financial report.
  • All reports moved to interface "Reports".
  • Have allowed to enter negative and fractional values in rares. Can be required for creation of zone system of calculation of cost of the order.
  • Have added sorting of options in interfaces: Company settings, Fleet unit settings, Fare settings.
  • In the cancellation of the order interface have allowed movement by buttons with the arrows "to the left/to the right".
  • In Driver's payment report have added TOTAL line.
  • Have replaced documentation in the PDF format with online documentation.
  • The name of the districts is specified in an address line now. For example: (Khimki), (dstr Skhodnya, Zheleznodorozhnaya St.), (23).
  • Have corrected repeated pressing of F9 at acception of the order.
  • In addressee editor have removed from search delivery - fast addresses. For fast addresses editing the special interface will be created.

In progress (version 1.19)

  • Web Widget for the order of a taxi from a website
  • Mobile API for the order of a taxi: Android, iOS.
  • Work with contractors (B2B). Including a personal WEB OFFICE for the contractor: management of employees, reports, creation/management of the orders.

near-term plan (1.20)

Integration with the exchanges and aggregators.

The part of functionality is already available on a demo the server.

Release 1.18.5 (6 and 7 of April)